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Division of Payment Management


The Division of Payment Management (DPM) provides centralized electronic grant and grant-type payment, cash management, and grant accounting support services to the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and other federal departments and agencies. The DPM serves as a fiscal intermediary between federal awarding agencies and award recipients. As part of its services, the DPM provides same day and next day automated payments; monitors the status of award funds; provides related debt collection services, and performs Federal Domestic Assistance reporting to the Department of Commerce. In addition, the DPM is designated by OMB as the Federal Government’s central collection point for interest earned on advances of Federal grant and grant-type funds.

The DPM operates and maintains the Payment Management System (PMS), one of only two CFO Council approved civilian grant payment systems. The PMS provides disbursement, grant monitoring, reporting, and cash management services to both awarding agencies and grant recipients. The PMS on-line inquiry capabilities provide users with another tool to manage their awards more effectively. The PMS can be accessed through the DPM home page at

Point of Contact: Joseph Baldwin
Phone: (301) 492-4935