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Staff Directory

Service Areas


Kory Whalen

(202) 619-0078

Service Line:    Accounting
   Debt Collection
   Financial Reporting

Acquisition Management

Earl Pinto

(301) 443-4061

Service Line:    Acquisitions

Behavioral Health

Brad Christ

(301) 492-5466

Service Line:    Employee Assistance Program
   Organizational Development and Leadership
   Psychological Testing and Evaluation Program
   Work/Life Programs

Building Operations

Sid Ohri

(202) 260-7264

Service Line:    Facilities Operations and Maintenance
   Regional Support
   Room Management

Clinical Health

Carol Maloney

(301) 492-4802

Service Line:    FedStrive
   Health Clinics
   Medical Employability
   Medical Surveillance
   Workers Compensation Management

Environmental Health and Safety

CDR Robert Gibbs

(301) 443-4179

Service Line:    Automated External Defibrillator
   Environmental Health and Safety


Lori Ruderman

Service Line:    Customer Contact Center
   Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)

Grants Finance and Administration

Gary Kotouch

(301) 492-4126

Service Line:    Grants Management
   Indirect Cost Negotiations

Mail and Publishing

Bobbi Sue Cline

(301) 443-5921

Service Line:    Departmental Forms Management
   Digital Document Management
   Graphic Arts
   Mail Operations
   Mail Screening
   Printing Program Management
   Section 508 Compliance

Other Employee Services

Service Line:    Board for Corrections

Real Property Management

Kris Gillham

(301) 492-4849

Service Line:    Real Estate Strategy
   Real Property Disposal
   Space Design and Construction

Supply Chain Management

Lori Frederick

(410) 642-2244

Service Line:    Labor and Moving
   Medical Supply Fulfillment
   Personal Property Disposal
   Personal Property Management
   Publications Fulfillment


Matt Zakielarz

(301) 492-4849

Service Line:    Charge Card Management
   Fleet Operations
   Transit Subsidy Program Management
   Travel Program Management

Wellness and Health Promotion

John King

(301) 492-5365

Service Line:    Wellness and Fitness

Executive Leadership

Administrative Operations Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1020 Bethesda, MD 20857

Director       Al Sample       (301) 443-2516

Deputy Director       Tim Brown       (301) 443-2516

Staff Assistant       Clayon Solomon       (301) 492-5070

Financial Management and Procurement Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Avenue, Suite 1020 Bethesda, MD 20857

Director and PSC CFO       William McCabe       (301) 492-4950

Deputy Director and Deputy CFO       Scott Brna       (301) 492-4950

Staff Assistant       Kybosha Walker       (301) 492-4950

Occupational Health Portfolio

7475 Wisconsin Ave, 7th Floor Bethesda, MD 20857

Director, Acting       Commander Tomas Bonome       (301) 492-5404

Staff Assistant       Emily May       (301) 492-5321

Real Estate and Logistics Portfolio

7700 Wisconsin Avenue Bethesda, MD 20814

Director, Acting       Al Sample       (301)-492-4940

Administrative Officer       T'Ebony Carver       (202) 401-1437

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